Reimagine knowledge mapping for education in the digital age
Create maps right alongside online content, with the convenience of drag-and-drop keywords and easy-to-use tools
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Connecting ideas, building minds

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It’s an exciting time in education – more online learning resources are available every day, and they are more accessible than ever. But it’s difficult for students to construct meaning from the wide range of material. So how can students actively engage with the content rather than passively consume it? Ideaphora is the first browser-based knowledge mapping tool that integrates with online content for limitless educational possibilities. Ideaphora enables students to take notes and organize material, connect ideas, analyze information, and apply their knowledge – all in one screen. By building and sharing knowledge maps, students develop higher order thinking skills and visual learning techniques, critical for college and career readiness. Learn more

No toggling. No overly complex tools. Simply connecting and building knowledge.

Seamless Easily integrates with and enhances proven instructional methods. Students can build their maps right alongside online content for uninterrupted thinking and learning.
Effective Students take ownership of their learning, and understand concepts presented online in a deeper and more meaningful way.
Intuitive Clean interface and easy-to-use tools guide students from a blank page through knowledge construction to project completion.
Flexible Complements the growing array of digital learning resources as a feature customized to existing solutions and as a stand-alone tool for educators.